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Advantages of Microblading

1. It will save you time

Imagine! No eyebrow application EVER!


2. You’ll have the best eyebrow designed for your eyes and face

Go to sleep and then wakeup with your best look.


3. Hello new natural eyebrows!

Each stroke looks like your own, natural hair.


4. No daily upkeep

Because there is nothing to upkeep. No smudging or smearing. It’s done!


5. It’s safe

Expert permanent makeup artist and disposable tools.


6. Beautiful eyebrows in under 2 hours

It’s quick with a short healing time. No hassle!

Massi Jafarzadeh
Permanent Makeup Artist & Cosmetologist

I adore beauty and am an artist. I started providing beauty services (threading) in Iran when I was seven years old at my mother’s salon.

I mastered permanent makeup in 1995 and have performed procedures for thousands of women. In fact, I would typically perform more procedures during one holiday season than most permanent makeup artists have performed in their entire careers. I came to the US in 2010 and am licensed by the State of Utah and California as a Cosmetologist.

I have the eye to see the ideal eyebrow shape for any skin tone, facial shape, and eye color.

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